Bringing a guest to the club

Club policy regarding guests.

The club rules for guests is that they can only play, with a club member, a maximum of three times in any one season and the cost for this is £5 per visit for Adults and £2 for Children. The member is responsible for paying for the guest and the payment should be made to the subscriptions account details of which you already have used.

Please fill out the form below before you bring your guest down to the club.

If you have any queries please email:

Please complete this form to bring a guest

Court Booking System

Thank you to everyone for using the new court booking system (Fastcourts) put in place to help prevent crowding on courts as part of our effort to combat Covid 19. We are three weeks in and feedback so far has been very positive, with over three quarters of members having logged on and successfully booked a court. However, we are still learning and so feedback is always welcome. Here are some pointers to make play more enjoyable for everyone:


  1. Complete all booking fields on the system so we know who is playing on the courts. Please avoid making bookings with only a single named entry or repeating the same name twice.
  2. Cancel any bookings as soon as you know that you can’t make the session. There are some peak periods when court availability is limited and no shows are antisocial
  3. Update your profile page with a photo and check your contact details are correct. It is always nice to put a face to a name especially when social gatherings will be in short supply over the coming months.


  1. Share common email addresses with other adult members. The system does not work well. You can change your email address within your Profile page
  2. Book a two hour slot during ‘peak’ periods, which are weekdays between 5pm and 9pm. Please limit yourself to a 1hr booking during weekday evenings to allow more members the chance to play
  3. Struggle and get frustrated with the software – get in touch and we will do our best to help!

Based on feedback we will be setting up two new profiles on the system, called ‘My Guest’ and ‘My Child’ to enable you to complete the booking fields for people not on the system. Also all coaches are now on the system with their own profiles and so should also be named in the booking form.

Please continue to have fun playing and continue to provide feedback. Please email Anu  on with any issues or use the query box on the system.