Clubhouse Storm Damage – Update

Here is an update on restoration work of the clubhouse  following the storm damage in February.

The Loss Adjuster (from a company called Quadra) appointed a specialist company of Building Surveyors (Ridge Partners) to develop the detailed spec required for the restoration work, and then to invite three contractors to submit tenders for the work.  The spec includes a very high quality replacement roof with excellent insulation properties.  Such roofs, in turn, require specialist roofing contractors to conduct the work.  The work will also include restoring the suspended ceiling and re-decoration of the interior of the clubhouse. Peter has been very involved in analysing the spec, and many of his suggestions were included in the final spec (thanks very much, Peter).  We have now been visited by all three contractors, and their bids have to be with Ridge Partners by 11th May.  Ridge tell me that it will then take about a week for them to analyse the bids and make a recommendation to the insurance company for final approval (which should be almost immediate).

Once appointed, the successful company will have a lead-in time (a few weeks?) before they can get the materials and start work.  One company told me that they think it will take approx. 2 months to complete.  What this all means is that the work probably won’t start until mid-June, and not finished until end of August or September, assuming of course that the coronavirus working restrictions are eased. Obviously this length of time is disappointing, but I doubt there’s anything we can do to shorten the pain.

It wouldn’t surprise me if in the not-too-distant future the government eases some of the restrictions on outdoor non-contact sports such as tennis and golf.   Since the clubhouse will be ‘out-of-bounds’ during the restoration work, one thought I did have is whether we could have a marquee and portable toilet on the grass outside of the clubhouse.  The insurance company might pay for this.

Anyway, let’s hope that we can start playing tennis again fairly soon.

Best wishes,

Mike Bird


29th April 2020