URGENT – Update on Coronavirus (COVID-19) 

Dear Members and Parents,

The latest advice from the LTA is clear:  

  • All tennis clubhouses should close as soon as possible, therefore the clubhouse is now out of bounds and  toilet/changing  facilities will not be available
  • Outdoor tennis courts can remain open, subject to strict conditions on social distancing and hygiene (see below)

Members are advised to read the specific advice from the LTA


Request to Members

If you display these symptoms please DO NOT COME to the club and stay at home:

* Have a dry cough and/or a fever and shortness of breath

* If you have come into contact with anyone displaying these symptoms

* If anyone in your household is displaying these symptoms

* If you are in a ‘high-risk’ category as defined by the Government

Please contact us asap if you become aware of any cases involving players, members or visitors to the club. We would then immediately contact all club members of the situation (not identifying the individual). We may then need to close the club completely.

You may wish to consider these options and make your own personal decisions: 

  • Prefer not to play if anyone in your household is ‘high-risk’
  • The over 70’s should consider the strong advice from the Government on social distancing.

Rules for Playing Tennis at CSP Tennis Club

  • Players should wash hands before and after a tennis session without exception. Since there will be no washing facilities at the club, please bring an alcohol gel and tissues with you. Dispose of tissues in the labelled pedal bin only.
  • Regularly clean and wipe down equipment, including rackets.  Do not share racquets.
  • No physical contact between players (handshaking, high fives etc)
  • Keep your distance: 1-2 metres between players and spend no longer than 15 minutes this close to another player 
  • Try to avoid touching your face with your hands whilst playing tennis.

Court Play: 

  • Court 2 reserved for singles play. Courts 1,3 and back court for doubles play.
  • No more than 14 people to play on the four courts. 
  • Singles play is recommended where possible
  • Where possible, stagger start times of sets on different courts
  • Tennis balls will be kept in the brown storage box located to the west end of the clubhouse.  The combination code is the same as the code to open the gate to the courts
  • New tennis balls will be provided 2 – 3 times per week (depending on how many people play) but please bring your own tennis balls if you’d like a fresh set for every session.


Our Head Coach, Stephen, will be following the LTA guidelines on coaching, and will communicate the policy to the relevant parents and club members 


The situation with Covid-19 is very serious, and our top consideration is the health and well-being of our members and their families and friends.  We have a social responsibility to protect everyone as far as possible.   If the above advice and recommendations are taken, outdoor tennis should be a relatively safe activity that will help in the physical and mental health of our members. Members should think very carefully as to whether they wish to play or not, and if they do wish to play, it will be at their own risk.  As circumstances change, regular updates will be sent out. We appreciate your understanding and support in this matter.

Chalfont St Peter Tennis Club Committee

21st  March 2020

Link to this notification can be found at: https://chalfontstpetertennisclub.co.uk/coronavirus-update-21-march-2020/