On Sunday 9th February Storm Ciara raged on our club

On the morning of Sunday 9th February, Storm Ciara raged its wrath on our club house and lifted the roof off the building leaving a gaping hole for rain to pour in. The clubhouse suffered much damage including the new television that it had just bought, which is unfortunately a right-off.

The Chalfont St Peter community spirit lent a hand and we were lucky that Mario Amato – our treasurer was informed by his friends who happened to be walking their dog at the time and alerted him of the situation. He then informed all of the committee.

All hands on deck ensued and many of the tennis committee went immediately down to access the damage and clear up the debris and deluge of water. Thank you to Mario, Ann Corrigan, Nick Lemon, Paul and Steve Clarke for helping out at short notice.

Mike Bird (Chairman) managed to get the felt roof back in place, and fortunately it was mainly intact, hence waterproof.  The edges to the felt roof were damaged, and hopefully only a limited amount of rainwater will come through close to the TV-end wall.   A couple of  dog-walker friends of Mikes helped Mr Rodgers (local roofer)  pull the felt back into place.  Peter (maintenance) has met with the suspended ceiling specialist to assess the damage to the frame and ceiling tiles and is also organising a qualified electrician to check the safety of the electrics.  Mario has contacted the insurance company , who instructed us to contact appropriate contractors to make the premises safe.

The clubhouse will unfortunately be closed to members until we can make it completely safe to enter. This will mean the flood lights will be unavailable for use.

Despite the unavailability of the clubhouse, all 4 tennis courts are available for use and remain unaffected by the storm. We thank all the offers of help we have received and the tremendous community spirit that have helped us in these unfortunate events.

The new tennis committee are doing everything they can to get the clubhouse safe for immediate access and then repairs made to return it back to its original state.

If you have any immediate enquiries please email